Jujutsu Kaisen Every Main Characters Age, Height & Birthdays

Take a look at all the Jujutsu Kaisen characters Age, Height, & Birthdays chart.

If you’re a fan of Jujutsu Kaisen, then check out this List of all characters Age, Height, and Birthdays. The show gained a lot of popularity and a huge number of audiences. The fans loved this anime so much that they want to know everything about its characters and villains. If you don’t know much about the show then here’s a quick spoiler-free overview for you.

In Jujutsu Kaisen Yuji Itadori is the main character who lives in a world full of Cursed Spirits and Cursed Energies. The madness starts when he eats the finger of Sakuna, The king of Cursed Spirits. On this journey, he meets a lot of Sorcerers and makes new friends. And if you want to know the characters age, height, and birthdays in Jujutsu Kaisen, then go through the chart below. We have also mentioned Jujutsu Kaisen 0 main characters details.


Jujutsu Kaisen Characters Statistics – Age, Height, & Birthdays Chart

jujutsu kaisen age height birthdays characters

Here’s a Jujutsu Kaisen characters Age, Height, and Birthdays list. Go ahead and see who your Birthday twin is. However, we will keep updating the list if new main characters are introduced.


Characters Age Birthday Height
Yuji Itadori 15 20th March 5′ 8″ / 173 cm
Sukuna 1000+ N/A 5′ 8″ / 173 cm
Mahito N/A N/A 5′ 10½” / 179 cm
Satoru Gojo 28 7th December 6′ 3″ / 190 cm
Maki Zenin 16 20th January 5′ 7″ / 170 cm
Nobara Kugasaki 16 7th August 5′ 3″ / 160 cm
Panda 16 -17 (Fans Guess)  5th March 6′ 7″ / 200 cm
Kento Nanami 28 3rd July 6′ 0.5″ / 184 cm
Suguru Geto 27  3rd February 6′ 3″ / 190 cm
Toge Inumaki 17  23rd October 5′ 5″ / 164 cm
Megumi Fushiguro 15  22nd December 5′ 9″ / 175 cm
Okkotsu Yutta 17 7th March N/A
Noritoshi Kamo 18 5th June N/A
Mai Zenin 16 20th January 5′ 7″ / 170 cm
Aoi Todo 18 23rd September 6′ 3″ / 190 cm
Nishimiya Momo 18 7th July 4′ 11″ / 150 cm
Utahime Lori 31 18th February N/A
Yoshinobu Gakuganji 76 N/A N/A
Masamachi Yaga 45 N/A N/A

Now you know all the Jujutsu Kaisen characters Age, Birthdays, and Height. If you’ve already watched or going to watch My Hero Academia then here’s a guide with MHA characters details for you.


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