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Top 10 Hottest And Sexy Anime Girls That Will Make You Droll Over

We bring to you some of the hottest and sexy anime girls that are currently ruling the animated world with their beauty and amazing figure.

Anime now has become quite popular and if you follow certain anime you will notice there are also fandoms for such anime. Anime has many genres from ecchi to fantasy to horror. And one of the best attractions of these anime is the storyline and some of the sexiest and gorgeous ladies which adds spice to the plot.

Since this list is based on our analysis and popularity of the character there is no proper ranking is giving to this list of Hottest and sexy anime girls. To see if your favorite anime girl has made the list, continue reading.

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Top 10 Hottest And Sexy Anime Girls 

Shiraki Meiko, Prison School

hottest anime girls

Shiraki Meiko is one of the sexiest female characters from ‘Prison School’ The reason for her being on this list is thanks to her curves and the nature of her character in the anime. Shiraki Meiko is a curvy third-year student and she also happens to be the underground student council’s Vice President. Her uniform is one of the major attractions with her hardcore attitude and amazing features. Her sadistic nature is also quite charming making her in the top 20 hottest and sexiest list of anime girls.

Albedo, Overlord

hottest anime girls

Next on the list, we have one of the hottest and sexy anime Goddess Albedo from ‘Overload. She is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous characters in the anime series and is the overseer of the floor guardians. She definitely deserves to be on our list of top hottest anime girls thanks to her amazing features.  She has long black hair and curves in all the right places.

Rangiku Matsumoto, Bleach

hottest anime girls

We just can’t miss Rangiku Matsumoto in our list of the top hottest and sexy anime girls.  Her name itself is synonymous with curves and definetly lives up to it. Her name just can’t go unmentioned when we talk about sizzling anime girls. Her curves her fighting style adds a wonderful charm to her character in Bleach.

Tsunade, Naruto

hottest anime girls

How can we miss out on Tsunade who was famous for her sexy figure and strong character in the Naruto anime series. She has a strong aura about her character and her figure makes her the attraction of the anime. Tsunade has a curvy figure and huge chests to which even the male leads can’t help but droll over.

Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail

hottest anime girls

Lucy is another top anime girls that we just can’t help but mention in our list of hottest anime girls. Lucy is one of the female leads and has quite the bond with the male lead Natsu. She has an amazing figure and sometimes ends up in an embarrassing situation caught with just a small towel covering her hot curved body or sometimes with nothing. Initially, her character was weak but slowly her beauty as well as her strength started increasing.

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Elizabeth Liones, Nanatsu no Taizai

hottest anime girls

Elizabeth Liones has the role of a princess in the anime series Nanatsu no Taizai. She is the adoptive daughter of King Batra and also happens to be a goddess who is very powerful. With power, she has great physic. She is one of the hottest and sexiest main female leads.

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Sakaki Ryoko, Shokugeki No Soma

hottest anime girls

‘Sakaki Ryoko’ from ‘Shokugeki No Soma’ is one of the best Harem (Ecchi) series. Just as mouthwatering the food is in the anime the characters are equally quite sizzling beauties. Sakaki Ryoko is not only the hottest but also one of the talented and funny characters in this anime series. She is also quite hot and sexy and has curves in the right places.

Nami, One Piece

hottest anime girls

Nami is one of the hottest characters of One Piece and was one of the first members to join the Straw Hot Pirates. Nami has a tattoo on her arm which adds more spice to her cure and beauty. Her outfits and her bikini outfits are extremely popular making her way into the list of top hottest and sexy anime girls.

Orihime Inoue, Bleach

hottest anime girls

Orihime is one of the shyest and innocent characters of Bleach who gives her all in becoming strong. She has an amazing figure which suits very well with her innocent character. Inoue is a sweet and sexy girl and is in love with the male lead Ichigo but is always seen having difficulty in confessing her feelings.

Rias Gremory, High School DxD

hottest anime girls

Rias Gremory is one of the sexy devils from ‘High School DxD’. The plot surrounds a man who turned the devil to become a harem king. Her attractive figures are one of the plus points in making the male lead find her seductive and quite appealing. She is usually seen wearing a uniform and totally slays in it but we do get a glimpse of her sexy body when she wears some sexy lingerie. Rias Gremory will be one of your favorite anime girls if you ever decide to give this series a try.

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